Animals of Montana
You have to see it to believe it!! Troy Hyde - a love affair with his animals and the animals a love affair with Troy!! Bears, Mountain Lions, Wolves, Tiger, Foxes, Black Leopard etc. etc. etc. Amazing...the ultimate animal photography venue...set in the mountains of Montana.

B&H Photo and Video
Everything for photography / video.....
The best photography site on the Web! Take fantastic online photo classes with world-class professional photographers, unite with fellow photography enthusiasts, or create a beautiful personal Web site like this.

Black and White Photography - Clyde Butcher
A true professional - fine art everglades landscape photographer....
Clyde has been mentioned as a living Ansel Adams...
Look at his work I think you will agree! I do!!

Everglades National Park
A unique other place like it on earth.

Fred Miranda Forum
Excellent Buy / Sell Forum along with a LOT of useful information and content

Homepage Great Florida Birding Trail
Great overview of where to go in Florida for birding/photography

Hunt's Photo & Video
A Wonderful place with really nice people...ask for Gary!
Tell him I sent you....

Joseph Kellard Nature Photographer
A SUPERB nature photographer currently living in Singapore!! Excellent photographs and a wonderful blog....check out his website and photos!

Click on the link on the right side of the page - Videos then on STS 135! Excellent!!!

Photoshop Grunge
An amazing treatment to convert an ordinary image into something wonderfully artistic !! Please check out Sebastian's web site and participate in his video courses......He is truly a Photoshop expert!!!