The best part of being a wildlife photographer is being able to be outdoors on an adventure seeking birds and other wildlife to photograph. Whether it is in my "backyard" which happens to be The Everglades National Park or in Africa, Alaska or Brazil it is always an adventure.
If you have never been - GO!

One of the most beautiful places on earth.

Alligator Farm, St. Augustine, Florida
What a great place to photograph birds!

American Bald Eagles and Sea Otters - Alaska
Amazing Alaska! Went for 8 days November 2012 and captured many American Bald Eagle images along with some wonderful sea otter photos. The winter landscapes were fantastic!

Animals of Montana
A wonderful opportunity to photograph many "wild" animals at close range. Troy and Tracy Hyde are remarkable people who love their animals and in return the animals love them. You have to witness it to believe it! I did!!

Burrowing Owls
These little critters are approximately 9 inches in height when mature and live in underground burrows. I am fortunate to have several burrowing owl nests close and therefore the opportunity to spend time with them. I have posted only a few of my many images and hope you enjoy looking at them.

Canada in the winter
I had the opportunity to visit Canada January 2016 to look for and photograph Snowy Owls. There were a few owls around and I was able to obtain several photographs which you will see in this gallery. We were located outside of Ottawa and took time to visit a local wildlife park that was home to many of the mammals that inhabit the northern regions of the United States and Canada. Those images are also in this gallery.

Cape Cod Sept 2012
What a wonderful area to visit! Great seafood, awesome homes, beautiful seashore and Lighthouses galore.

Channel Island National Park
The Channel Islands is just off shore from Los Angeles and seldom visted. A unique chain of islands, pristine and beautiful!

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Dry Tortugas National Park
A National Treasure...Fort Jefferson...a very interesting place...

Grunge Artistic Images
The images in this gallery are a combination of various backgrounds merged with and using actual bird or animals photos that I have taken over the last several years. I really enjoy the artistic endeavor of the work and seeing the final image come together for others to enjoy as well.

NASA Space Shuttle Launch Kennedy Space ...
I had a wonderful opportunity to photograph the final 2 launches of the space shuttle missions and I am extremely grateful to Senator Bill Nelson who most graciously provided for my access!!

The Osprey images in this gallery are from South Florida and Everglades National Park. I have many images and thought it would be best to create a category just for them.

Random photos that I thought you might enjoy.....

The Pantanal Brazil is an amazing area of stunning bio diversity with a very large population of birds and mammals and reptiles. It is one of those places that once you have been there you want to go back!

POLAR BEARS.... I just returned on October 16, 2013 from a polar bear photographic adventure to the North Slope of Alaska in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. We saw many polar bears and had to brave cold and harsh conditions to gain access to these wild animals! An amazing adventure.

South Florida / Everglades National Park
The everglades is an amazing wonderland like no where else!

Mostly from Zoo Miami and Palm Beach Zoo, Florida


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